Systems – Autonomy – Intelligence

Our systems have endured hundreds of cycles in extreme conditions such as Antarctica and Namibia. Each platform is engineered to client specifications.

Bremer-4 Multirotor

1-10kg Payload Capacity
Up to 4 hours Endurance

Bespoke Drone Solutions

Our team has been designing custom fixed and rotary wing RPAS since 2006.
We create vehicles around payload requirements and operating conditions.

Drone Mapping Solutions

Operational history includes night flying, BVLOS and extreme conditions. Outputs include DEMs, DTMs, point clouds, geo-referenced aerial photos, TIN models and environmental reports.

Sovereign Capability

Our products are designed, assembled and tested in Australia.


4kg-4hr Concept

Saidynamics completed successful test flights of the BMR4-80-H airframe that offers an endurance of up to 4 hours. The target payload capacity of this platform is 3-4kg with an MTOW of 25kg.


Saidynamics celebrated the 100th incident free flight in Antarctica (Casey Station) during the 2022-23 season. Challenges include:

  • Compass issues
  • Temperature
  • Reliability, form-factor and portability

Avalon 2023

The Avalon 2023 Exhibition served as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and the celebration of aerospace technology. Our participation in this prestigious event proved to be a resounding success. New products introduced at the Airshow include:

  • 4th Generation Bremer (BMR4-80)
  • Endurance concept – 4kg payload/ 4 hours
  • NVIDIA partnership (edge computing)